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What I believe as a Photographer







As a Snohomish wedding photographer and Snohomish portrait photographer I like to do what I can to help all couples, families, and high school seniors find the best photographer for them. In my experience as a professional photographer in Snohomish, WA I have come to realize that not all photographers are created equal, which makes the process of finding the best photographer for your needs fun and challenging.

Berryessa Photography is physically located in Snohomish, WA, however, my services as a wedding photographer, family photographer, and senior portrait photographer stretch to Seattle, WA, Everett, WA, Monroe, Shoreline, Woodinville, Bothell, Marysville, Lake Stevens, and to other metro areas around Washington State.

Since all people are different and unique and everyone has specific needs, I believe it is important to shop around when looking for your perfect photographer. I believe that everyone should take three key points to heart when considering their wedding, portrait, or family photographer in order to make an educated decision that they feel 100% confident about.

No regrets!

All photographers are completely unique, from one photographer to the next you will see a wide variety of styles and personalities. I believe that examining a wedding photographer's personality and understanding what type of person they are is crucial to ensuring that you have the best experience on your wedding day or during your portrait session. A clash in personality has potential to leave you with bad memories, which isn't something that anyone ever desires.

STYLE -----
Much like personality, every professional wedding photographer, family photographer, or high school senior portrait photographer has their own unique stylistic approach. We all see the world differently and there are all sorts of various things that really catch our eye. The way we compose our photos and edit our photos tell a story about our stylistic approach. I would advise you to ask your self this when searching for a photographer; do you love the style in which the final images are composed and edited? If so, you can feel very confident that you will LOVE the images that your photographer will provide you with? Don't ever be afraid to ask your photographer if you can view a wider selection of complete photo shoots or weddings from start to finish. If your wedding photographer has established a signature style they will feel very comfortable in providing you with an extensive gallery of their work.

I like to encourage my clients to set dollar signs to the side and consider the above two items. Do you LOVE spending time with your professional photographer? If so, you will most likely truly enjoy the experience of having your photos taken by said photographer and love the final product delivered to you. I realize that most people like to work within a specific budget. I like to encourage my couples to prioritize their overall wedding budget, then make a budget specifically for their wedding photographer. Your professional wedding photos, while they may seem like a fun idea now, will hold much more weight as the years of your lives together move forward, your family grows, and your memory fades. Your professional photos for any event or moment in time are priceless.

Find the photographer whose personality you love, whose style you want to display in your home, and then prioritize your budget to make it work. You will never regret having invested to have professional photos taken. Never.

If you have additional questions about what it means to find the best Snohomish or Seattle wedding photographer or portrait photographer I would be happy to answer any and all questions and help guide you through the process!

What I believe